The Golden Powder

We are talking Tumeric today! In particular, the golden pigment ‘Curcumin’ found in tumeric. This golden source of goodness┬á is the active component of tumeric and has so much to offer to the body. Here are some benefits: Reduces inflammation Anti-oxidant properties Antibacterial/antiviral Aids in treatment of diabetes┬╣ With all the known benefits it carries,…

Posture, posture

Have a look in the mirror today and observe how you are standing naturally. Are you hunching a lot and rounding your shoulders? Are your hips swayed forwards? Is your neck tilted forwards? The body is made so that the center of gravity falls in a straight line down the body as illustrated in the…

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone good health, prosperity, and luck this year!

GONG XI FA CAI (Happy Chinese New year!)