Posture, posture


Have a look in the mirror today and observe how you are standing naturally. Are you hunching a lot and rounding your shoulders? Are your hips swayed forwards? Is your neck tilted forwards?


The body is made so that the center of gravity falls in a straight line down the body as illustrated in the picture depicted ‘good posture’. Once we fall out of this line, increased pressure is placed onto the joints in the body, and muscles compensate for the biomechanical disadvantage.

Making simple corrections to your posture would influence a great deal how you feel during the day (a lot better!). It is also vital in preventing tight muscles developing and pain from occurring as a result of long standing muscular and joint imbalances.

Your chiropractor can help in assessing your posture, screening your spine and muscles for imbalances, and help to treat and correct these issues accordingly. So don’t leave yourself in a disadvantaged form, and seek help from your local chiropractor today!


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