6 Simple Ways to Increase Mobility during the Cold Months

Do you feel your muscles stiffening up on these cold winter mornings/evenings? Do you feel you have less movement through your neck, lower back, or midback? Sometimes this might be due to an underlying muscle spasm which is further aggravated from the cold.

Here are 6 simple ways to reduce stiffness and gain more range of motion during these cold winter months:

  1. Heat packs
    • Does wonders to warm the muscles up and relax them down. Pop the heat pack on for 15 minutes. You’ll find that heat packs filled with Lupin wheat will retain heat for much longer than the usual wheat found in these heat packs.
  2. Stretching
    • Stretching should be a part of our daily routine. It ensures the muscles are kept strong and flexible to maintain appropriate joint movement.
  3. Mobilize the joints
    • Here are some examples for the neck and lower back:Image result for neck range of motionImage result for low back range of motion
  4. Hot Showers
    • This will help in reducing overall muscle tension. Maybe even get one or two key stretches done under the hot shower!
  5. epsom salt bathEpsom Salt Bath
    • Epsom salt has been used for centuries to help ease muscle tension in the body. Combined with a hot bath, it opens up the pores and gets absorbed into the body, soothing muscle tightness as well as softening the skin. It may help in reducing inflammation as well.chiroadjustmentpic
  6. Get adjusted
    • Having trouble turning your head or bending over even after trying the above mentioned? Or still feeling stiff and restricted in movement after a massage?
    • Maybe it is time to see your chiropractor and get your spinal movement assessed. Please refer to our article here about what chiropractors can do to improve your overall mobility, function, and well-being.
    • A healthy spine is the key to a healthy life!

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